3/21-3/27 Business leaders behind pro-immigrant law in Utah and failure of anti-immigrant laws in Arizona

27 Mar

What passes as good news for immigrants’ rights these days? The business community taking a stand.

Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration, LA Times, 3-19-2011

In Utah, business leaders championed a state immigration reform bill that gives undocumented immigrants “papers” to work.  But they must pay a fine up to $2500 (note: median income for Latinos in the state is $41,391, compared to $55,642 for the whole state) and can still be deported by Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Arizona Flinches, NY Times Editorial, 3-21-2011

And, the Arizona Senate stood against 5 draconian immigration bills promoted by Senator Pearce after receiving a letter signed by 60 chief executives concerned about the “unintended consequences” of the state’s harsh SB1070 – consequences, that is, to business.

When business leaders influence policy, they are watching their bottom line, not the rights of immigrants.  Only full citizenship for undocumented immigrants will allow them to be workers and individuals with the right to life and liberty.  The nation needs immigration laws that protect human rights.  It might just be good for business.

Other news:

US Returns Young Girl, a Citizen, to Guatemala, NY Times, 3-22-2011

4-year old citizen Emily Ruiz was detained and then returned to Guatemala by Dulles International Airport immigration authorities after trying to return home with her grandfather.  Her parents are undocumented and have limited rights to demand and negotiate her return.  Emily had been sent to Guatemala for the winter because the air was better for her asthma.  It is shameful that her home country also threatens her right to be protected and cared for by her own parents.

Obama calls for an economic cure for illegal immigration, NY Times, 3-22,2011 In talks with Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, Obama expressed his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform and to supporting El Salvador increase economic opportunities for its citizens.

Southern Lawmakers Focus on Illegal Immigrants, NY Times 3-25,2011 Draconian immigration laws are making there way through legislatures in the South, where the Latino population has been increasing in recent years.

Census: Latino, Asian Population Soars 43 Percent Across US, New America Media, 3-25-2011 Census figures show the changing demographics of our nation.  One in six people is Latino, due mostly to Latino births, not immigration.

Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration


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