The SCOMM Deception 4/25-5/1

1 May

The S-COMM Deception, April 27


March 25, 2009 - Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America

This controversial program’s purpose is for local law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to share information regarding arrests and the immigration status of individual’s detained in city and county jails. When introducing this federal program, local jurisdictions were told they would have a choice whether or not to participate. To become enrolled, they would “opt-in.” However, in practice there is no “opt-in” choice. By claiming to give communities this false option, DHS effectively avoided complaints to rollout the program.

Zoe Lofgren, a congresswoman fromSan Mateo, is now asking DHS’s Office of Inspector General to investigate the way in which DHS initially presented the program. She is upset about a federal agency (DHS) lying to policy makers and jurisdictions, like San Francisco, who want to opt-out.

The lies with which Secure Communities was hoisted on local jurisdiction is only one unjust aspect of the program.  The data coming in reveal that S-COMM isn’t a program that just deports violent criminals. It removes anyone who is arrested, including those with minor traffic violations or even women who made contact with law enforcement for reporting domestic violence. Last week, a report by the LA Times found that the majority of people deported from S-COMM did not have a history of major violent offenses. Now, Janet Napolitano the Secretary of DHS  is telling us that there are new rules in place to allow undocumented people to report domestic violence without fear of being deported. Would you trust Janet at her word? S-COMM does not make safer communities. It makes silent communities, silence sustained by fear. Fortunately,elected officials such as Tom Ammiano have taken note and have started developong methods (SB1081) to reject the misnomer that is S-COMM.

In the news

Take action on May-Day, Drop the I-Word, April 29 Widespread use of the word “illegal,” when talking about undocumented immigrants contributes to sub-human status.  This action campaign by COLORLINES encourages media organizations to re-think their role in the discourse

Obama says that there will be no immigration reform with out support from Conservatives, April 28 Speaking to activists, actresses and Latino political leaders, Obama says that there will be no immigration reform without GOP support. If Obama wants the Latino vote in 2012, he will have to do more. Blaming conservatives is not enough.

Obama releases birth certificate, April 27  Sadly, the president has had to prove to our xenophobic country that he was in fact born in Hawaii.

Students to be prosecuted for disrupting TUCSON meeting, April 29 On Tuesday, nine students from the Tucson Ethnic Studies program disrupted a school board meeting where the School Board was deciding the fate of their program. Now, the local district attorney is considering punishing the students for their actions.


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