What about the children?

23 May
Boy reading with mom

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Undocumented children immigrants suffer, study findsNYTIMES, 5/21/11
A researcher from NYU followed 400 children of immigrants and found that hardships faced by undocumented parents may be harmful to the children’s development. This study, which is the first of its kind, helps document the impact our immigration policies have on our youngest citizens. The study found that the children of parents who were undocumented had lower levels of cognitive development than kids whose parents with legal status. The study concluded that the growing hardship for parents without papers, including fear of deportation and decreased access to social services, led to less active engagement with their children. For example, they would spend less time speaking to their children. This is not to say that immigrant parents are worse parents. It is to say that they face more challenges when raising their kids because of our country’s immigration policies.

The study’s author made an important point, that in the national debates undocumented immigrants are viewed as either criminals, sources of labor, or victims, and their other identities are often ignored. This study highlights their identity as parents and reminds us that every repressive policy or legislation has far reaching consequences.

In the news
Dream Act Supporters tell Obama stop empty speeches, HUFFPO, 5/19/11
Supporters of the DREAM Act have put Obama on notice: no more campaign style speeches supporting the DREAM Act without concrete action.

More States Toss Costly Immigration Legislation in Final Days of Session. Hispanically Speaking News , 5/21/11
Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Michigan are abandoning efforts to replicate AZ/GA style immigration policies. These policies that make life difficult for immigrants, are also making the lives of politicians, business owners and others difficult as they experience the policies’ economic and legal impact and public controversy impact, legal fees, and public backlash.

The Politics of Immigration and America’s Pastime, FOX Latino, FOX Latino, 5/16/11
Carlos Santana speaks out against immigration at a game in Atlanta to honor Civil  Rights. After telling the stadium that “the people of Arizona, and the people of Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves,” Mr. Santana was booed by the baseball fans. Baseball’s All-Star game will be held in Arizona on July 12.

Onion pickers of Georgia leave the state after new deportation measures. AP, 5/20/11
Farm workers leave the state for fear of new measures that will crackdown on immigration. The invisible hand of the market backhands the Georgian economy.


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