Norway youth, Brisenia and Marcelo

28 Jul

Shooting rampage suspect had anti-immigrant views, NY Times, 6.25.11AP Associated Press of memorial in Utoya, Norway
This past weekend, a man in Norway linked to right wing anti-immigrant groups shot and killed over 90 people because of the pro-immigrant views of their parents. March of this year saw a state representative from Kansas Virgil Peck suggest shooting immigrants. In May of 2009, three minutemen associated with right-wing groups stormed into the house of Brisenia Flores, killing her and her father.  One night in November 2008, Marcelo Lucero became a victim of a group of teenagers whose goal for the evening was to beat-up Latinos. These stories are connected, but you would not know it based on the every day news because there is a fundamental problem with the way in which talk about xenophobia.
Each time we hear of a terrible tragedy, we come together as a community shocked by what has taken place. We denounce the shootings, the bombings, the murders as the unfortunate misguided actions of a few rogue individuals. The actions of these individuals are explained away as the result of neglect, abuse, mental illness or sometimes all three. But never are these actions explained as a result of the attitudes propagated by conservative politicians and pundits who degrade our communities. Never can state the obvious, that hateful speech is creating making targets out of immigrants.
Xenophobic sentiments and policies can permeate the bodies of immigrants. Words can be harmful, especially when they are attached to discriminatory policies. What is even more dangerous is when this inflammatory rhetoric is allowed to spread unchecked. It causes stress, it leads to fear, it denies basic freedoms, but sometimes it is even worse. It can lead to very real and, at times, fatal consequences, such as those suffered by the youth in Norway, Brisenia, and Marcelo.

Report from the Public Policy Institute of California, PPIC, 7.2011
Using tax returns, PPIC estimate on the number of undocumented immigrants living in California. The report finds that they live in each state, with the larger presence in San Benito and Monterey counties, where agriculture play a huge role.

Can immigrants save the Michigan economy?, WSJ, 7.18.11
Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder suggests that immigrant labor can bring economic suggest to the suffering region. Begging the question: will this be achieved by exploiting immigrant labor? FIX SENTENCEs
NY Senator Schumer to revive immigration bill, Politico, 7.19.11
Using the frame that immigrants create jobs, Senator Schumer has brought back the debate on immigration reform.  Immigrants contribute, from the skilled immigrants to low-wage laborers.


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