Recent deportation review provides fertile ground for work permit scams, 8/28 – 9/4

7 Sep
American Immigration Lawyers Association Logo

Predatory notarios and immigration consultants have discovered a method to grift undocumented people who hope to obtain papers.  This advisory notice from the AILA warns that some unscrupulous schemers may use the recent announcement from DHS Director Horton to review all current deportation cases as a way for undocumented immigrants to get work papers.  The announcement is another example of the legal uncertainties that undocumented people in this country are subjected to.
Among groups that support immigrant’s rights there is a cautious optimism that the review of cases is a step in the right direction. On the other side, some anti-immigrant activists are calling the review a “backdoor amnesty” or a “run around Congress.” As with most issues, laws, ordinances and directives regarding immigration policy, there is little clarity as to what the latest announcement means. The warning from AILA attempts to clear up the issue a bit and remind people that speaking to a legitmate attorney is the safest approach forward.
As an overview, the law DOES NOT grant amnesty, it is a preliminary guideline to allow ICE to drop low-priority cases. There are no guarantees attached to the announcement.  Right now, it is just a framework for an idea about how to reduce the number of people who are caught up in deportation proceedings. The US will continue to deport immigrants, make no mistake about it, Secretary Napolitano assured us as much with her statement that the deportation numbers will continue to be very robust.
The health connection: if people without papers are spending time fearing ICE, trying to get papers, that is time that they are not working and that is time that they cannot focus on their health.
In other news
SF group 67 Sueños brings attention to the needs of ALL undocumented youth, NewsTaco, 8.26.11
San Francisco youth have organized to raise awareness to the value and the needs of the undocumented youth who would not benefit from the DREAM Act. Much needed information in a national conversation that characterizes undocumented youth as either gangters or college-bound geniuses.
California Dream Act goes to Gov. Brown’s desk, SFGATE, 9.3.11
The governor is expected to sign this law that would allow undocumented students access to publically funded financial aid. This is part two of the CA DREAM ACT, while it does not help with immigration status it opens up opportunities to higher education.
CA law would limits cities ability to impound cars of sober drivers, LA Times, 9.2.11
DUI checkpoints have become a cause for financial hardship for people driving without a license, many of whom are undocumented. This new law would prevent cities from impounding cars from sober drivers at checkpoints. This law, along with CA Dream Act II is from state senator Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), who is clearly on a roll.


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