Cruelty at the Border, 9/18-9/25

27 Sep
No más muerte painting

Photo by Steve and Paige

New report reveals border patrol abuse, NACLA, 9/21/11
A new report, “Culture of Cruelty,” from a humanitarian aid organization No More Deaths, outlines the abuse faced by migrants at the hands of border patrol agents. Examples of the abuse experienced by a significant proportion of border patrol detainees include: denial of water, denial of emergency aid, death threats, physical abuse, and sleep deprivation.
The dangerous conditions at the southern border represent the most concrete examples of health threats that immigrants face on their way to the United States. The last few decades has seen an increase in the militarization of the border.  This has led to more perilous crossings because migrants are going to more desolate parts of the border, or are trying riskier methods to cross.
Although the Curious Ostrich often focuses on the myriad and sometimes indirect ways our immigration policy is harmful to people’s health, the dangers at the border are perhaps the most obvious and directly endanger people’s lives. People are dying at the border because of the misguided notion that our borders need to be militarized. The report gives recommendations to reduce the health threats, such as increasing access to water and making the border patrol more accountable with civilian oversight committees. Read the report to see how you can help No More Deaths.

Mandatory E-verify Bill passes house committee, little else is expected, USA Today, 9/23/11
The E-verify bill championed by Lamar Smith has passed the house judiciary committee. At a time when the country is focused on creating jobs, a business regulation is not likely to see much support in the House or the Senate.

Report released by Latino groups and environmental groups finds Latinos exposed to greater levels of air pollution, FOX News Latino, 9/21/11
Report documents environmental racism that places Latinos at higher risk of exposure to polluted air. The report found that Latinos are more likely to live in counties that regularly exceed EPA set air pollution standards. The problem is exacerbated by the large proportion of Latinos without health coverage, meaning they are exposed to air pollution and cannot treat respiratory problems that result. A double whammy.

Supreme Court Ruling Says that Day Laborers can congregate, NYTIMES, 9/21/11
The Supreme Court rejected a Redondo Beach, CA ordinance 9-2, that denied day laborers the right to congregate. Cities with similar ordinances across the country should be taking notice.


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