News round-up 4/2-4/9: Anti-choice = anti-immigrant, dreams denied and 3,100 detained

9 Apr

States pushing anti-immigrant laws are also pushing anti-choice laws – An analysis by New America Media highlights the interconnection between attacks on immigrants and attacks on women’s health. The states that passed restrictive immigration laws also passed abortion laws in 2011.  What’s the connection?  Elena Shore argues that these states “reflect a shift in demographics. Although they don’t have the largest immigrant populations in the country these states have experienced the biggest percentage increase in new immigrants.”

Nebraska lawmakers advance prenatal care bill, but rely on anti-choice rhetoric – The Nebraska legislature has made the first steps to restore pre-natal care for undocumented women.  This provision of care was taken away in May 2010.  The effort has united immigrant advocates, health and social welfare advocates and religious groups.  While it is an important step for the health of immigrant women, much of the rhetoric in support of this bill is focused on the health of the unborn child, not the mother herself.  Although the bill will result in better health care for undocumented women, proponents should not use anti-choice concepts of “life” or fail to acknowledge the importance of the health of immigrant women for their own sake.

Marco Rubio proposes “nightmarish” right-wing DREAM bill, while DREAM activists continue the fight
Legal status, but no citizenship? That’s Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s new version of the DREAM Act.  The NY Times called it a “Dream Act without the dream” and New America Media calls it the new “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.”  It is a blatant effort to funnel undocumented youth into sanctioned second-class status. Undocumented students, however, continue to show their resilience and creativity.  An undocumented doctoral student in California has published a free How-To guide for undocumented youth looking for jobs.  Undocumented youth are also speaking out about the blame often placed on their parents, changing to the national dialogue to recognize immigrant parents’ courage and support.

Over 1,200 deportees labeled as “criminals” for immigration-related violationsThe mainstream media was abuzz this week with reports that one of the largest, 50-state deportation sweeps netted over 3,100 detentions.  Headlines announced that half of the deportees were felons.  However, U.S. immigration law now makes immigration violations, such as reentry after deportation or failure to leave after receiving deportation orders, felonies.  Therefore, among those labeled as “criminals” were 700 who had failed to leave the country and 559 who had reentered.  As Seth Wessler, author of Colorlines’ ‘Shattered Families’ report, discussed this week, many immigrants stay or reenter because they have families, homes and communities in the U.S.  Immigration law in the U.S. makes it a crime to try to stay connected with family and community and this label of “criminal” is exploited in media reports to make Americans think that these laws are protecting them when actually they are creating instability in communities.


2 Responses to “News round-up 4/2-4/9: Anti-choice = anti-immigrant, dreams denied and 3,100 detained”

  1. AK April 16, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    Great roundup for the week, thanks so much for keeping us informed.


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