In the News 4.16 – 4.24: Border Patrol brutality; Supreme court examines Arizona’s law on Weds.

24 Apr

PBS episode exposes the brutality of border patrol, PBS, 4.20.12
As part of its Need to Know investigative reporting, the PBS episode exposes the border patrol’s inhumane treatment of people crossing the border. The episode shows footage of the brutal tasing and fatal beating of Anastasio Hernández, who had been a resident of San Diego for 25 years. Additional media outlets, including Democracy Now, have also recently covered this horrific event, which occurred in 2010. The report raises serious concerns and problems with the Department of Homeland Security, a system that lacks accountability and humane treatment.

Supreme Court examines whether immigration is a state or federal matter, LA Times, 4.21.12
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will examine Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB 1070, which encouraged other states like Georgia and Alabama to pass similar and even more hostile laws against immigrants. The issue at hand is not whether these laws violate human rights, but whether states have the authority to pass and enforce legislation around immigration, a topic that has been in the past a federal matter. The Center for American Progress has compiled various resources to help advocates understand the potential effects of this decision.

Net migration from Mexico falls to zero and has perhaps even reversed, Pew Hispanic Center, 4.23.12
The Pew Hispanic Center’s report finds that between 2005 and 2010, 1.4 million Mexicans migrated to the U.S. while 1.4 million Mexican immigrants and their U.S. born children migrated to Mexico. The findings suggest that that the pretext for anti-immigrant policies is unfounded.

164 Anti-Immigration Laws Passed Since 2010? A MoJo Analysis. Mother Jones, April 2012
2011 saw a higher number of laws against undocumented immigrants than in 2010 due to five states passing bills similar to Arizona’s SB 1070. Some states passed 11 or more laws ranging from driver’s license eligibility to mandating that employers use E-verify. Mother Jones’ analysis also exposes how private-prisons like Corrections Corporation of America and GEO reap profits from anti-immigrant laws.

Arizona official targets Mexican-American studies at universities ,Colorlines, 4.18.12
Previously, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal led the attack to disband the Mexican-American studies program at Tucson Unified School District. He now is targeting similar programs at universities and colleges. One faculty member says “This is Arizona…And I firmly believe they want to eliminate a world view, from the schools all the way to the university level.” Eliminating these programs would eliminate not just a world view, but recognition of the social, cultural and economic contributions of Mexican and Mexican-Americans to Arizona and the nation.


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