Immigrant Day; Atrocious Alabama immigration law signed; Report shows that immigrants strengthen economies 5.14-5.21

23 May

Immigrant rights activists rally around immigrant day
Monday was immigrant day. Advocacy organizations like The California Immigrant Policy Center and allies are rallying to pressure policymakers to pass progressive immigration policies and advocate against anti-immigrant policies such as SComm and the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

Alabama governor signs harshest immigration law
Last week, Alabama governor Robert Bentley signed what is likely to be the harshest immigration law yet. The new version (HB658) keeps the main parts of the original bill (HB56), like requiring police to verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect is undocumented and requiring schools to track students’ immigration status.  Like the original bill, it will result in racial profiling and denial of students’ right to an education. To make matters worse, HB658 added a new provision that will marginalize and make life even more unjust for undocumented immigrants: it requires the state to publish the names and photos of all undocumented immigrants who appear in court.

S&P reports finds that immigrants strengthen economies, do not weaken it
A new report from Standard & Poor’s finds that cities with large numbers of immigrants experienced economic growth. Specifically, the report found an increase in per-capita income, improved credit ratings and found a stabilizing effect on labor markets. The report provides evidence that rejects the commonly promoted idea that immigrants harm  economies.

Black, Latino and Asian babies are now the majority among newborns
Census data reveals that for the first time in U.S. history, more than half (50.4%) of the nation’s babies are Black, Latino or Asian.


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