NY Times Disapproves of TRUST Act Veto, LA Police Chief to ignore some detainers, Jesus Navarro gets a kidney 10/1-10/12

13 Oct
New York Times editorial rejects veto 
Using the same logic that migrant justice activists used to support the TRUST Act, the NYTimes editorial disapproved of Governor Brown’s decision to vet the act. The NY Times explained that the TRUST Act was a much needed step to ameliorate relations between immigrant communities and police. A relationship that has been fractured by federal immigration policies such as S-COMM, E-verify, and 287(g). The Times notes that the safety and rights of the immigrant community were ignored with his veto.Chief of police for LA Charlie Beck
City of Los Angeles police chief to stop honoring some immigrantion detainers
Following on the heels of Governor Brown’s veto of the TRUST Act, Charlie Beck the Chief of Police of the largest city in California has issued a statement that immigration detainers will not be honored for low level offenses. Chief Beck knows the fear created by S-COMM and how that drives the community away from the police. His dept. will now release those who have an immigration detainer who have been arrested for offenses  such as illegal vending or driving without a license. This statement is an attempt to improve community relations and is expected to affect 400 people every year.Jesus Navarro undergoes a kidney transplant at long last
Earlier this year, there was controversy at UCSF over the denied kidney transplant of undocumented immigrant Jesus Navarro. After an outcry over the denial, and a 100,000 signature petition on CHANGE.org, Jesus and UCSF came to an agreement where he would be eligible for the transplant. On September 27th Jesus received a transplant, finally freeing him from the dialysis machine he had been tethered to for the past 7 years. His story is an important reminder of the struggle for access to basic health care  for undocumented people.Culture, Art and Resistance: Migration Now is a new website with a collection of art from dedicated and talented members of the migrant justice movement

Univision anchor Jorge ramos holds President Obama accountable for immigration reform failures, sums it up on the Colbert Report


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