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We are keeping our heads up. Immigrants are integral to the present, past and future of the nation’s culture, economy and politics.  Despite being a country of immigrants, our nation’s attitudes and policies create a destructive and unhealthy environment for immigrants. The injustices that immigrants face, from limited economic opportunities to racially motivated violence, endanger their right to health.

In our highly xenophobic cultural atmosphere and amidst a quickly changing policy environment, it is important to stay up-to-date on current developments in immigration policy and attitudes towards immigrants.  The Curious Ostrich helps you keep your head up! 

The Weekly Heads up. Our weekly posts highlight current immigration-related developments in the news, such as new immigration policies, immigrant rights advocacy efforts, or examples of discrimination and xenophobia.  Every week we review news related to immigration and health and provide you with summaries and analysis on key stories.

The Ostrich Egg. Rarely does the media discuss how immigration affects health. Therefore, guest contributors will provide in-depth analysis on issues ranging from health care reform to maternity leave policies.

The Curious Ostrich Editors

Daniel Santiago Madrigal is the child of a bicultural parents, his father is from Colombia and his mother from Palo Alto, CA. Growing up between two cultures has given him first hand view of how privilege and advantage is unequally distributed in the US. At his day job, he coordinates community outreach for a children’s environmental health study at UC Berkeley.

Maria-Elena Young, born and raised in Oakland, is a product of California multiculturalism. With family members, friends and mentors from nations as different as Mexico, Norway, Nicaragua, Egypt and China, immigration is the common thread that ties together her community and identity. She believes that health, like education and economic security, is a human right and that ensuring the health of immigrants is critical to ensuring a just society. Currently, she promotes adolescent health through research and advocacy, specifically focusing on the health status of Latino youth in rural California and the educational and economic opportunities of teen parents. In her free time, she absorbs as much political media as possible, dives in to any political debate and discusses health policy while jogging with friends. In her sleep, she dreams about a healthier tomorrow.

Priscilla Gonzalez comes from a close Salvadoran immigrant family, one that has deeply shaped her experience as a bicultural and bilingual Latina in the United States. Committed to social justice and eliminating health inequities, she brings expertise in media advocacy, including an understanding of how topics are framed in the media and how to work with the media to advance healthy policy. Her background in public health and community-based research combined with her family’s experience provide a unique lens to immigration and also one that combines advocacy and research. In her free time, Priscilla loves all things related to basketball, the occasional telenovela (she has seen many, Betty La Fea being one of her favorites), and running or swimming with friends.

Naomi Beyeler ….

The Curious Ostrich Contributors

Amanda Gatewood is an epidemiologist for the Kentucky Department for Public Health and researches birth defects and metabolic disorders throughout Kentucky and Appalachia. She is also a doula for low-income women. Amanda is especially interested in analysis and prevention of interpersonal, institutional, and state-sponsored violence.

Pamela Mejía worked for several years for the Alameda County WIC Program, and now researches how the media frames public health problems for the Berkeley Media Studies Group. She is particularly interested in the health and social issues that affect pregnant women, new mothers, and young children — especially since, as of March 2011, she’s the new mother of a little girl!

Paul Young is an Oakland native and political spectator. He has a degree in political science from Pomona College and is especially interested in ensuring all sectors of society have access to good educational and economic opportunities. He also believes it is a shame that cutting taxes for the wealthy somehow passes as jobs plan. When he is not watching political debates or The Daily Show, he can be found enjoying science fiction that involves futuristic political debates.

Contact us at ostrichblog@gmail.com


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