TCO Undocu-Bibliography


The Undocu-Bibliography is a collection of articles from the academic public health literature that explore the impact of the US immigration system . This living, working, evolving document will include a compilation of academic public health studies that consider undocumentednes

Our Methods 

Legal status is a proxy for the impact, at an individual level, of immigration policy. Other measures that could be considered could be deportation or detention. However, undocumented status provides a general measure of, as stated in one article, of “legal vulnerability.”

Search Criteria:

The presence of any measure of immigration status as a demographic descriptor or (preferably) primary exposure
Public health databases and publications ONLY – PubMed, PsychInfo (e.g. only studies of health outcomes among distinct populations, no theoretical studies and ethnographies). Articles that look at health of immigrants, specifically:

  • Immigrant only (e.g. study population made up entirely of a specific group of immigrants)
  • Immigrant vs. non-immigrant (e.g. people born in China vs. people of Chinese descent born in the U.S.)
  • Identification of Legal permanent resident, naturalized citizen, undocumented, etc. (e.g. comparison of undocumented vs. not, or descriptive variables that identify legal status)
  • Since 2001 – historical rationale, post-911

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