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Deferred Action Begins, Paul Ryan Pick, Powerful 67 Sueños Mural Unveiled in Fruitvale, 8/7-8/15

15 Aug
Road sign with the number 30

Photo by stevechihos/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Deferred Action Begins, 8.15.12
Yesterday, forms became available on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website for deferred action. Today is the first day they can apply by submitting form I-821D. Deferred action would allow certain youth to receive a two year work permit which will provide relief from the threat of deportation and new economic opportunities as they would be allowed to enter the documented workforce To be eligible youth must have been under 31 years old on June 15th, 2012, must have been in the US continuously for the past 5 years, must have arrived before 16 y.o, and must meet a few other requirements as well. Once all requirements are met, participants must submit documentation proving the above as well as a $465 fee.

The Migration Policy Institute has estimated that 1.76 million will be eligible to participate. To prepare those that are eligible, many immigrants rights groups are providing resources to ease the confusion: NNIRR has created a Deferred Action resource center with several factsheets and links. For those in San Francisco; SFILEN has compiled a list of clinics  by immigrantion rights orgnanizations. While certainly a step forward, the deferred action does little for the other 9 million undocumented folks who live and work in the US.

Citizen student denied scholarship access because of her mother’s status.
In New Jersey, a student was denied access to the state financial aid pot because of her mother’s immigration status. Even though the student has lived in NJ for 15 years (and was born in NYC), she was rejected because of ”residency requirements.”  Evidently her Guatamalan mother’s immigration status played a role in her NJ residency. The student was not able to attend the university of her choice because she was unable to secure financial aid. Two democratic senators in NJ are working on the case, and to ensure this student and others are not subject to the discriminatory policy.

Paul Ryan, Romney VP pick
One columnist from Reuters is of the opinion that the Romney Campaign has given up on the Latino vote with the selection of the representative from Wisconsin. VP candidate Ryan’s views on immigration are consistent with the anti-immigrant arguments that were championed during the GOP primary. He opposes the DREAM Act, he is against amnesty or any type of relief for undocumented immigrants, and he favors the H2 visa program that provides few labor rights for seasonal and temporary laborers..

67 Sueños’ Migrant Women’s Health Mural Unveiled on Saturday; Undocubus
On Saturday, several hundred came to Fruitvale Plaza for the unveiling of their Migrant Womyn’s Health Mural. The mural is a project of 67 Sueños, a high school youth group working for migrant rights. The purpose of the mural was to highlight the health impact of the punitive US immigration system on migrant women. Youth interviewed women in the community and worked with local artists to put their images on the 8ftx 40ft mural. To provide a concrete benefit to the local Fruitvale residents, 67 Sueños also had a health fair at the event. In other news from fearless undocumented organizers, the Undocubus is currently winding through the Southeast to share their stories. The tour’s last stop was New Orleans where they met with day laborers and received a tour of the city that is still dealing with the aftermath of Katrina. The bus tour is scheduled to finish in North Carolina in early September for the Democratic National Convention.


EVENT: 67 Sueños Mural Fundraiser @ La Peña May 19th

14 May

Mural Flyer May 19th Event at La PeñaOn May 19th youth from 67 Sueños will be holding a fundraiser at La Peña in Berkeley to raise $ for a mural they are creating this summer. If you don’t know about 67 Sueños, it’s time to start paying attention! They are a bunch of high school students out of Oakland working on migrant justice.  They’ve been involved with various art projects and actions, and you can read more about that at 67suenos.org. It should be enough to say that they are a group of dedicated young people doing the good work.

Now, about that mural. It will be the 2nd mural created by this group, the first one can be found at 9th and Mission in San Francisco. The first mural was about the dangers at the border, and is full of color, symbolism, and is just striking in its beauty. We expect more of  the same from the second mural, this time though, the focus will be on immigrant women’s health. The mural elements and stories will be generated from interviews conducted by the 67 Sueños youth.

Come out and support this inspiring group as they bring out immigrants womens health to the forefront with their art! Event starts at 6p and La Peña is only a few blocks away from the Ashby BART station.

SUCCESS @ Wells Fargo! 10/31-11/6

7 Nov
Action at Wells Fargo Nov.5th, protesting investment in detention centers.

Photo by Roxanne Robledo

On November 5th, an overcast Saturday morning, the group 67 Sueños organized an action at Wells Fargo in Oakland to protest its investment in the nation’s privatized immigrant detention system. As outlined in this helpful flier we created, which can be found on our Resources page, the immigrant detention system is notorious for its abuses.  While learning about these abuses was surprising to some people, what has been more surprising is Wells Fargo’s involvement in our nation’s abusive detention system. Wells Fargo invests in the Geo Group the Corrections Corporation of America, two large corporations that run immigration detention centers for a profit. The profits come at the cost of the health and well-being of individuals caught up in detention and deportation system. Continue reading

Take Action November 5th Against Detention Centers and Corporations that Profit from Them!

1 Nov

If you are in the Bay Area on November 5th, there is an opportunity to stand up against corporations that profit at the expense of the human rights of individuals in immigrant detention centers. Wells Fargo, one of many banks and corporations, reaps profits by investing in private detention centers that treat human beings as inferior beings, subject them to humiliation and violate basic human rights.

Contrary to the common portrayal of detainees as criminals, immigrants are not held in detention centers to serve time for crimes or felonies, but to wait the decision on their immigration court cases. These detention centers violate basic human rights, some of which were exposed in the recent PBS documentary by Maria Hinojosa, “Lost in Detention.” One of the most powerful quotes in a Colorlines article about the documentary, Continue reading