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14 Die in crash at border, Mrs. Obama decries shattered families, Guatemalan mother loses child while in detention, DOJ sponsors FAIR attendee, 7/16-7/23

26 Jul
Crashed Truck at Southeastern Border

Photo by: CNN

Another tragedy due to increased border enforcement
As the border becomes more militarized, migrants put themselves into more dangerous situations. One such situation had a tragic ending this weekend as a truck loaded with passengers veered off the road and crashed into a tree in Southeastern Texas. Among the 14 who died. two were children. Authorities in Texas are having a difficult time identifying victims because many of the carried little more than toothpaste and a change of socks.

First Lady speaks out against shattered families
Mrs.Obama spoke with Univision, where she said, “There is nothing more critical than keeping families together and that is why Barack has been fighting so hard for comprehensive immigration reform.” This would be the same Barack Obama who has deported over 1 million immigrants since he arrived in office. Many who are parents themselves.

Courts deny parental rights to Guatemalan mother
In a travesty of justice, a Missouri juvenile court denied a Guatemalan mother parental rights this past week. Her son was adopted by another family while she was held at a detention center after ICE raided the poultry plant where she worked. Her son became one of the many who lost their parents because of detention and deportation. The case made national headlines, but even with the raised attention, the boy was not returned his biological mother. The decision is an example of a family devastated by detention. It also demonstrates that lack of recognition for the rights of immigrant parents and their ability to raise their own children.

Sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina use federal funds to attend event sponsored by hate-group FAIR
As reported by pro-immigrant blog, Imagine 2050, sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina have used federal funds from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to attend meetings held by the notorious anti-immigrant group FAIR. The deputies have frequent interaction with FAIR, despite having open racial profiling cases against them by the DOJ. By allowing federal funding from the DOJ to pay for FAIR events, the United States government is supporting the anti-immigrant sentiments that these group support. This is what institutional racism looks like.