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SUCCESS @ Wells Fargo! 10/31-11/6

7 Nov
Action at Wells Fargo Nov.5th, protesting investment in detention centers.

Photo by Roxanne Robledo

On November 5th, an overcast Saturday morning, the group 67 Sueños organized an action at Wells Fargo in Oakland to protest its investment in the nation’s privatized immigrant detention system. As outlined in this helpful flier we created, which can be found on our Resources page, the immigrant detention system is notorious for its abuses.  While learning about these abuses was surprising to some people, what has been more surprising is Wells Fargo’s involvement in our nation’s abusive detention system. Wells Fargo invests in the Geo Group the Corrections Corporation of America, two large corporations that run immigration detention centers for a profit. The profits come at the cost of the health and well-being of individuals caught up in detention and deportation system. Continue reading


Take Action November 5th Against Detention Centers and Corporations that Profit from Them!

1 Nov

If you are in the Bay Area on November 5th, there is an opportunity to stand up against corporations that profit at the expense of the human rights of individuals in immigrant detention centers. Wells Fargo, one of many banks and corporations, reaps profits by investing in private detention centers that treat human beings as inferior beings, subject them to humiliation and violate basic human rights.

Contrary to the common portrayal of detainees as criminals, immigrants are not held in detention centers to serve time for crimes or felonies, but to wait the decision on their immigration court cases. These detention centers violate basic human rights, some of which were exposed in the recent PBS documentary by Maria Hinojosa, “Lost in Detention.” One of the most powerful quotes in a Colorlines article about the documentary, Continue reading