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Boycott to Mi Pueblo and ICE’s Silent Raid, Immigration at the Presidential Debate, First Wave of Deferred Action Applicants Approved , 10/8-10/19

20 Oct

Oakland Immigrant Rights Activists to Boycott Mi Pueblo Foods

On Saturday immigrant rights activists will be demonstrating outside of grocery store chain Mi Pueblo. The chain has become the target of ICE’s “silent raid,” where employee immigration records will be audited. The chain has said that they will be dismissing employee’s that do not have valid work documents. This will likely result in the dismissal of many long standing employees. Recognizing the impact this will have on the immigrant communities that frequent the 3,000 employee, 21 store-chain, Saturday’s protest aims to drum up attention for economic harm that will impact immigrant communities that host Mi Pueblo stores.

Click here for a flier to the picket on Saturday in front of Mi Pueblo in Oakland

Presidential Debate Speaks on Immigration

President Obama and Governor Romney both had a chance to share their views on immigration at Tuesday’s presidential debate. While self-deportation Romney has tempered his remarks as he pivots to the center, he still presents the anti-immigrant candidate. Obama rightly pointed out that Romney’s immigration advisor has been Kris Kobach, the author of SB1070, and the nation should be concerned, Romney accurately replied that Obama has little room to comment on immigration when he has failed to enact immigration reform. Neither one is talking about 400,000 people who are deported every year; it seems they have  come to an understanding on deportation policy. Obama referred to those being deported as gangbangers, insinuating that these are people causing trouble, and that this country would be better off without them, further criminalizing immigrant communities. This is the big problem, on one sideThe big problem with the presidential race is that the only option are a man with a terrible record, and his challenger who promises to be even more cruel.

First Wave of Deferred Action Appicants Approved

4,591 undocumented youth who have submitted applications to receive a work permit have been processed. In addition to the lengthy application and $450 application fee, youth have had to a biometrics appointment. 180,000 applications have been submitted so far and almost 2,000 are going to be sent letters of “Intent to Reject,” those who receive these letters will have a period of time where they can provide missing documents, or fix other gaps in their applications. The Pew Hispanic center has estimated that 1.7 million will be eligible, meaning there are still 1.5 million youth who could apply to this program.


Affordable Care Act constitutional, expands coverage, not for everyone, 6/26-7/2

5 Jul

Photo: Paul Miller

ACA Ruled constitutional, undocumented still left out
The Affordable Care Act was ruled constitutional on the last day of the Supreme Court season. ACA will expand coverage for citizens and legal immigrants, however, undocumented immigrants, including children will not be included in this expanded coverage.

Further discussion on SCOTUS SB 1070 decison
After the decision, both immigrants’ rights, and anti-immigrant groups declared victory. Several provisions were rejected, some were kept. As the Nation highlights, many immigrants rights activists are rightfully concerned about the racial profiling that will likely come out of the “reasonable provision.” National immigrants rights network NNIRR agrees in a press release that warns about the implications of the SCOTUS decision.
Another development on the federal level is the decision to end 287g, to expand Secure Communities. The program that deputizes local law enforcement as immigration agents will end, but will coincide with the expansion of the program (SCOMM) that shares fingerprints of local law enforcement subjects with federal immigration databases.

California DREAM Graduation

Photo: National Immigrant Youth Alliance

California DREAM Graduation in San Francisco
In San Francisco on June 30th, young undocumented activists celebrated their accomplishments with Angela Davis in front of City Hall in San Francisco. The DREAMers have a lot on their mind, from the SB1070 SCOTUS Decision to the recent deferred action memo, but their activism is not done yet. As one graduate, Mohammad Abdollahi was quoted in the Huffington Post, “We need to stand up for our human rights”