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3/14-3/20: Virgil Peck suggests shooting immigrants like feral pigs.

20 Mar

Virgil Peck hurts Kansas with feral swine remark, Kansas City Star, 3-16-2011

This past week a state representative in Kansas suggested shooting immigrants, as you would a feral pig, would be a good way to deal with the country’s immigration “problem.” This the statement is the latest in a xenophobic chorus of politicians who’s main intent is to paint immigrants as boogiemen. When statements that compare immigrants with beasts there are many listening whose lose a common commonality with immigrants. If you can look at people who are on the street corners waiting for work, and not see what you have in common, it makes it all the easier to strip this group of people of their rights. Mr. Peck claims that his joke is harmless; the reality is that people in this country are scared about the economy and their livelihoods, and “jokes” like these do have a profound affect. It allow the blame to be shifted from the wealthiest in the country who are hoarding the resources to the poorest and darkest among us.’

Unfortunately, our debate around immigration issues is based on fear, and it is affecting our nation. Our country’s newest arrivals are rapidly having their civil liberties stripped in the name of  fear, BROWN-FEAR. These reports continue, everyday there is a news story about a policy that causes stressful environments and reduces economic opportunities. The sad truth is that these hate-based policies do little to address the fundamental reasons why immigrants come to the US.

Other news

Oklahoma passes 1070 like bills Oklahoma passes some 1070-like bills the brown fear spreads.

Many of the worst AZ laws don’s pass Many of the worst bills in the AZ state legislature didnt pass, they’re not completely crazy after all (link), or perhaps the legislators from the great state realized two key issues 1) the economy is sustained on the backs of immigrants, both documented and undocumented and 2) Over 30% of the state is made up of Latinos and it’ll be hard to get re-elected on a platform of brown-hate.

Utah’s middle of the road approach UT’s middle of the road approach… a 1070-like bill, but also a guest worker program, because, well let’s face it, Mormons need labor too.