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Language is Powerful, Let’s Use it for Justice, 11/7-11/14

15 Nov
The Associated Press Updates Its Stylebook, Still Clings to I-Word, Colorlines, 11/10/11
Entering the US without authorization or “papers” is a misdemeanor (For comparison sake, some other misdemeanors include public intoxication, disorderly conduct or vandalism).  Yet, stereotypes of undocumented immigrants as criminals persist and the use of the word “illegal” to describe these individuals has become mainstream practice.

Colorlines has provided insightful reporting on the history and current use of the term “illegal” in US media and political discourse and how it has shaped attitudes towards immigrants.  This week, they report that the Associated Press’ style guidelines have been updated, dropping the use of “illegal aliens” or “illegals”, but endorsing the use of “illegal immigrant.”  The AP claims that this term is accurate and neutral.  Colorlines provides convincing arguments for why this term is not neutral and provides a link to the AP’s comments page.  Take a moment to urge the AP to drop “illegal immigrant.” Continue reading